Join Fi for this three hour workshop on Menopause Yoga for hot flushes. Hot flushes are a symptom that women can experience during the perimenopause and menopause as their oestrogen levels begin to drop. In this workshop we use cooling postures and practices to help to cool down the body, and meditation and breathing techniques to help to calm the mind.

Working into spaces in the body that can help to release the heat it is holding, this workshop will help you to feel cooler, calmer and rebalanced. It will teach you tricks and techniques to take away and use for when hot flushes strike in our day to day lives off the mat.

Fi was 38 when she was diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) which triggered early menopause. During this time, yoga teacher Fi found that a holistic approach to managing her symptoms helped her to embrace the changes she was facing, including the support and comfort of her regular yoga practice.

More workshops to help with other Menopause symptoms will follow in January. 

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WORKSHOP ONE: Menopause Yoga for hot flushes

When: Saturday December 10

Time: 2- 5pm

Cost: $76

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