5 week introductory course exploring the breath work

In this five week course our main focus is learning number of wonderful ancient Yogic breathing practices (pranayamas). That calm, refresh, cleanse and energise the body.

We will be using a little restful, restorative style Yoga to relax the body and tune into our breath. This is a course that is suitable for complete beginners as well as others that want to deepen their knowledge of breathing

Breath work is an beautiful way to reduce all the tension and toxins that have been piling up over the years. It can be a transformative process that is delicate and exquisite and when you reconnect, or connect for the first time to your breath you will have a wonderful companion that is always there to help. The course is practical and accessible and informative.

Each week you receive a helpful follow up email with some tips and reminders

As we are still dealing with Covid if you need to miss a class recordings will be provided:)

This is suitable for raw beginners

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