What are Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AACs) - Choosing and Implementing Across Settings

Presented by Oonagh Mac Mahon, Speech and Language Therapist and Certified Behaviour Analyst


Coru Number: SL 015304

IASLT Number: IA 121692

During this workshop, Oonagh will discuss and explore what communication systems are available for individuals who are non verbal or have limited communication skills. When choosing a communication system, figuring out where to start can be a daunting task. In the workshop, Oonagh will discuss and summarise the following topics:

  • What is Communication?
  • What are the benefits from using an AAC?
  • What types of augmentative communication systems are available?
  • Choosing an AAC system?
  • AAC best practices:
  • Access
  • Modeling
  • Core Vocabulary
  • Contriving Motivation for communication,
  • Time for Q & A.

The content of the course is developed using a mix research based methods and clinical experience.

Upon completion of the workshop, Oonagh will email notes and information relevant to the content covered. There will be time for Q & A after, so feel free to ask any questions relevant to the workshop content and hopefully I will be able to help.

I'm so excited to see you on Zoom and to get started in 2022!

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