Strategies to Develop Social Communication Skills with Pre-Verbal Children with Autism.

Presented by Oonagh Mac Mahon, Speech and Language Therapist and Certified Behaviour Analyst.


Coru Number: SL 015304

IASLT Number: IA 121692

During this workshop, Oonagh will discuss what constitutes 'social communication' and explore why it is such an important stage in social, communication and language development. This workshop will highlight a range of research based curricula and strategies. We will then explore how these strategies can inform effective intervention planning. This workshop is suitable for parents and/or educators who work with children with limited communication skills.

In the workshop, Oonagh will discuss and summarise the following topics and themes:

  • What are Social Communication skills.
  • Intervention: Evidence-Based curricula that target social communication skills.
  • Core elements in fun, play based learning for young children with limited communication skills.
  • Strategies that can be implemented in the home and school setting to promote social communication skills.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this presentation is based on clinical experience and evidence-based research. The presenter is not trained by or affiliated with any organisation referenced in this workshop.

Upon completion of the workshop, Oonagh will email notes and information relevant to the content covered. There will be time for Q & A after the presentation, so feel free to ask any questions that are relevant to the workshop content.

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