Join Síle for a 2 hour workshop combining breathwork and sound with the healing medicine of cacao to celebrate the energy of the summer solstice.

Cacao is a gentle heart-opening plant medicine that helps us to connect with our higher self and access our inner wisdom to bring about transformation on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Sharing cacao and opening up to receive her gifts of healing can create strong feelings of connection, love and unity.

We will move through some conscious connected breathwork, and as we open up to the energy of the cacao, we will rest in the healing sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments. Through these sounds and vibrations, the brainwave state is altered from our normal waking state (beta) to relaxed state (alpha), dreamlike state (theta), and even restorative state (delta). As the mind and body relax, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease and we enter an altered state of consciousness where deep healing can occur.

We will finish with some gentle stretches and tapping, and will allow time at the end for you to journal on any insights or messages you may have received during the experience.

As you will be lying on the floor for 90 minutes, please bring anything you need to make yourself really comfortable. We have bolsters and blankets, but maybe bring an extra blanket, pillow and eye mask, and of course your yoga mat, water and your journal.

If the weather is favourable, we can pop across to the baths for a dip afterwards, so bring your swimsuit just in case!

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