Spring Equinox ~ Sun 17th March 6-8pm 

A  Candlelight Yin Yoga workshop exploring balance on and off the mat. A celebration of the spring equinox - the point of balance where day & night are the same length.

The session will begin with some Pranayama (breathing practices) & a short silent meditation then move into some Yin yoga poses to restore balance in our body & finding some quietness in the mind.

The session will focus on physically balancing out the sides of the body ~ front, back line & lateral stretches and twists.

The Pranayama practice will look at releasing blocks (granthis) with the Nadi Sodhana (alternate nostril breath) and Nadi Kriyas (cleansing practices).

Session will end with a long Yoga Nidra and a short closing meditation.

Limited to 15 people ~

Sunday 19th March 6-8pm @ Threlkeld Village Hall

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