During this 2 hour workshop we will look at traditional Chinese medicine alongside our physical yin practice, exploring the meridian lines of the Lung and Large Intestine. TMC (traditional Chinese medicine) takes a holistic approach to one's health and much like a yin yoga practice, it promotes balance through the whole body. We will explore aspects of TMC by visualising and locating meridian lines and acupressure points, as well as working through some specific breathing practices. Autumn is linked to the metal element. We will discuss the characteristics of the metal element and what this may mean for you, both physically and emotionally as we make the transition into the autumn season. At the end of this workshop you will have the opportunity to blend your own tea, using herbs that will help support your Lung and Large Intestine meridian during the seasonal change.

Yin yoga places mild to moderate tension on the connective tissues in the body and can help to improve blood flow and overall mobility in the body. Yin yoga is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on both mind and body.

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