Yoga & Sound Relaxation for Parents of Children with Diverse Needs

Pricing: 25€

This class focuses on giving the benefits of Yoga and Relaxation to Parents who face the daily challenges of caring for their child with diverse needs. To give yourself a time out while doing something good for body, mind and soul. To practice some selfcare and recharge your batteries in a loving atmosphere, is what this class is all about. Being the parent of a child with diverse needs can ask a lot of you on a day to day basis. Tanja knows this from experience and has designed this class especially for parents of children with diverse needs.

In the class we will practice gentle yoga poses to address common tension areas in the body (shoulders, neck, back) and help with flexibility and balance. We will practice how to regulate emotions and release stress with specific easy breath techniques. Letting go of worries and bringing back ease during deep relaxation. Everything you need to leave you feeling balanced and being able to take on the world again. This is a class suitable for all abilities and you don’t have to have any yoga experience

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