Sound Yoga and Sound Relaxation – Emily Hess Klang Yoga

Taster Class 11.5 Saturday 7-9pm

Pricing: 25€

Sound yoga is a gentle but powerful way to help reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and tension and to connect to your own natural rhythm. Using therapeutic singing bowls during hatha style yoga, we experience an amazing effect. The healing sound vibration travels deep into our muscles, fascia and organs, massaging them while we are holding the pose. The heart rhythm is calmed, we relax deeply and feel inner joy.

The use of Peter Hess therapeutic singing bowls placed on or near your body during relaxation poses creates healing sound vibrations. A perfect antidote to stress, this gentle practice is excellent for those who wish to slow down, reduce stress or simply improve well-being. Suitable for all ages and abilities. This is a 2 hour workshop.

The practice of Sound yoga has been created, researched and developed by Emily Hess, partner of Peter Hess who established the practice of therapeutic Sound Massage with singing bowls in the 1980's in Europe. I have had the pleasure of training with Emily herself in her home country, Germany.

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