Give your body, mind and soul the attention you deserve!! Join me for a Yin Yoga from the comfort of your own cosy home. Each week we will check in with ourselves on our mats, I will guide you through a Yin practice to release tension in your bodies dense connective tissue while stimulating energy movement through the bodies meridians. Yin helps to replenish the fascia, calm & clear the mind and rebalance your soul.

Tuesdays 8pm on Zoom live

Suitable for all levels.

Yin is based off the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a more meditative, slower and deeper approach than other Yang practices. Each shape (pose) is held passively for longer periods of time (between 1 and 5 mins in my classes). With the help of props, blankets, gravity, time & relaxation it allows for deeper tension and fascial release. So, it may look to the outsider like you are doing nothing, but the benefits are huge. It is somewhat of a challenge to everyone even the most "advanced Yogis" to "sit still". This class introduces you to an hour of being with YOURSELF, YOUR body, YOUR breath while exploring the sensations of stretching the deeper connective tissues. Helping you to gain better mobility in the joints and hips, flexibility, a strong sense of calm and relaxation. Helping you to cope better with anxiety off the mat and lower stress levels. This is the ultimate complimenting class to other Yang practices such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Weight training, running, and any other exercise. A beautiful intro to Meditation and Yoga all in one.


Your body will thank you for it!!! 



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