Fancy getting high on your own supply? If so come join Val and I for our next collaborative retreat. It's time to explore all things energetics.

Firstly we will gather for a group workshop with Katie. Together we will raise our awareness to the vibrational frequencies we experience each day, moment to moment. It's all about the energetics here and we will learn how to observe them, move through them and ultimately raise them in a gentle and compassionate manner. As always this is a reflective workshop and journaling prompts will be included. We will explore tips and practices to help you to raise your vibration from lower states to higher.

Then we will practice a self love vinyasa and fun creative movement class with Val. We will collectively raise our vibrations and set intentions for the future you. Finishing with a guided meditation to ground the energy back down.

Weather permitting we might head for a sea swim or walk in the woods after to absorb mother natures energies.

Investment of €59 including winter warming Vegan Lunch. (gluten free also)

Energy clearing Goodie bag included

How many places do you wish to book?