Join me on Sunday 26th May (1-3pm) at St.George's Church Hall in Chorley for an extended 2 hour yin and restorative yoga workshop. We will be using yoga bolsters to support our practice and gently hold the body, allowing for a deeper level of relaxation. Places are limited and I will be providing bolsters and blocks for you to use (unless you want to use your own)

Restorative yoga aims to take away the stronger sensations of 'pull' and stretch within the body. We come into the postures and use equipment to 'prop' the body and support it. The practice becomes a little softer and more gentle in its approach.

In order to bring ourselves to a deeper point of rest this workshop will also include:

*Breath work


*Hand Mudras

*Healing Frequencies

*Yoga Nidra

The benefits of a much slower and restful practice are huge! The blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, our stress hormone 'cortisol' can also be lowered allowing the body and mind the opportunity to relax. Yoga Nidra is thought of as a form of meditation or 'yogic sleep', with huge benefits for bringing the whole body into a more grounded and gentle 'sleep like' state.

No previous yoga experience is needed as the practice is suitable for everyone regardless of ability, injury, gender or age! Please wear warm and cosy clothing and bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion to make your experience as comfortable as possible. A bottle of water is also useful too!

The investment for this workshop is £20 (plus an online booking fee of £0.80) 

How many places do you wish to book?