A special 3 hour mini retreat following the Summer Solstice, harnessing the peak energy and abundance of the year and going on a journey of reflection and contemplation through to the ascension of who we want to be from this half-year point onwards.

We’ll start with tea and quiet reflection time, celebrating all that we have achieved so far. Next, we’ll move into a yoga asana practice, including breath work, beginning with a soft and nurturing sequence to soothe and restore and build up to express the energy of summer with a more invigorating practice. We’ll then move into a guided mediation to reconnect and embrace the best version of ourselves; to let our inner light shine. There will be short, individual reiki healings offered to maximise this opportunity for deep healing. There will be space for a self check-in, to give you time to assess and realign with any plans for the rest of the year, and we’ll end with a mini vegan summer feast and a goody bag to take home. 

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