Winter Solstice Day Retreat

As the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice holds a powerful energy of introspection and rebirth.

During this special retreat, we will gather in a serene and cozy setting, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The day will be dedicated to nourishing the body, mind, and soul, as we honor the magic of the Winter Solstice.

Through guided meditations, deep reflection, and gentle yoga practices, we will embrace the darkness and explore its hidden treasures. We will delve into the depths of our being, shedding light on our inner wisdom, intentions, and desires for the coming year.

As the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky, we will celebrate the turning point of the seasons and the gradual return of light. Through gentle rituals we will honor the cycles of nature and the ever-present power of renewal.

We will enjoy nourishing food, warm beverages, indulge in delicious treats, and foster a sense of community and connection.

Whether you are seeking to embrace the transformative energy of the Winter Solstice, set intentions for the new year, or simply find solace and rejuvenation in a sacred space, this retreat is for you. The Winter Solstice Day Retreat promises to be a rejuvenating and empowering experience, leaving you feeling refreshed, inspired, and deeply connected to yourself and the cycles of nature.

Spaces are limited to 10 people.

I look forward to sharing this magical Winter Solstice Day Retreat with you on December 17th <3