Beltaine (traditionally represents the beginning of Sunmer) teaches us the beauty of growth, renewal, and the blossoming of new beginnings

At our Bloom at Beltaine day retreat, we will immerse ourselves in a day of holistic practices tailored to the spirit of Beltaine. Expect yoga, breathwork, mantra, meditation, and community connections, that will tap us into the essence of this special time of year..

By aligning with this seasonal shift, we open ourselves up to lessons of rejuvenation, creativity, and interconnectedness. Expect a day filled with deep rest, and a nurturing space to explore and expand.

Join us as we come together to honor the energies of Beltaine, cultivate our intentions, and celebrate the magic of nature's unfolding. This retreat is a beautiful opportunity to realign with the essence of Summer and bask in the transformative energies that surround us.

See you there!

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