Solstice is a time to revel in your inner power and celebrate your unique energy. Sounds a bit super hero-ish but at the end of the day, we do have the power to change ourselves and our own future. This retreat offers you a chance to really tune into yourself, to invite in a sense of transformation, rebirth and renew. It is the perfect time to let in the new and release the old. The best bit is that we will have nature to support us. What better way to enjoy the longer days of summer than practising yoga outside in the sun? We will tap into our inner selves with a combination of flow yoga, breath work, relaxation and meditation. There will be an opportunity to journal at the end (just in case something came up) and we will finish our time togehter with a well earned glass of bubbly or non-alcoholic drink to acknowledge our strength, vitality and hopes for the future.

This event will be held in Sarah's garden studio/garden. Ticket includes drinks and snacks at the end.

How many places do you wish to book?