The most wholesome Sunday you're going to have in a while, including;

60 minute Yin Class

20 minute Nidra practice

Home made Vegan Lunch

All in the wonderful and cosy Luna & Wolf Studio.

All props, blankets and mats provided.

We will spend 80 mins in the studio together. Feeding and nourishing our nervous systems, preparing our mind and body for the final stretch of winter before the vibrant arrival of spring.

60 mins of Yin, focusing on finding stillness and meditative qualities in our practice, postures will be held between 1-5mins.

And then our 20min Nidra practice. Where we will use the process of yoga Nidra to travel inwards. Finding a liminal dream like state with a large focus on the natural world, visualisations of dewy grass, running water, and colourful flowers will all play a part in our journey here.

All topped off by a beautiful home made feast from the wonderful Holly from Nice Rice Pud Co.

Think nourishing home made seasonal soup and bread. And even a slice of cake to take home with you!

We will be organising fresh seasonal ingredients for this event, as a result it will be non-refundable. We thank you for your understanding.