We are so excited to launch this brand new birth preparation course, designed for expectant couples and given live via Zoom to provide you with everything you need to approach birth in an informed, relaxed and positive way.  

This course is approximately 6hrs+ of live class time, either over a weekend or four weekday evenings. It will cover all the basics of birth and so, so much more from psychological prep (and how that impacts your physiology), physical and practical prep and hands on comfort techniques, birth partner support information, pain management and information on evidence based care and how to make informed decisions in labour. 

What will we cover?

Physiology of Birth 

Hormones of birth and how to optimise them 

Mind over Matter - How your mindset will impact your pain perception

What can you do prenatally - from eating dates to perineal massage, we will chat about it!

The Role of the Birth Partner - how to be your partners coach, advocate and best support.

Hypnobirthing - what it is and why it works.

Hands on comfort strategies such as massage and TENS and more!

Active birth positions

What to pack in your hospital bag

Birth Preferences - what to ask for and why!

Navigating the System - Informed Decision Making

The immediate postpartum, initiating breastfeeding and the fourth trimester

...... and so so much more!

This course will run:

10am-1pm both Saturday and Sunday via Zoom

Small Group sizes so plenty of time for Questions

€95 per couple to include live class for you and your partner, handouts and notes, and follow up support from Sarah until your baby's arrival.

How many places do you wish to book?