Are you pregnant? Wanting to take some time out to prepare for your babies birth from the comfort of your own?

Then come join to our Intro to Positive Birth workshop.

Hosted by Sarah Flynn (who is a physical therapist, mother, GentleBirth instructor, baby massage instructor and lactation educator counsellor!) the focus will be on tips and tricks to have a calm, positive birth experience.

The workshop will be relaxed, fun and informative delivered over Zoom. A great opportunity to take time out to work on your mindset for a positive pregnancy and birth.

We will talk about mindfulness, active birth positions, physiology of birth, birth plans, pain relief options, the first hours and days after birth and more!

The morning session, plus handouts and notes sent to your email all for an amazing €35!

For more info message me on Facebook or Instagram @relaxbalancebirth or text Sarah on 0838345954!

How many places do you wish to book?