Lantra Approved Certification

Instructor Led

Delivered via Zoom


This programme is designed for people managing safety in construction, to make them aware of the responsibilities associated with the job and the necessary protective and preventative measures that are used to control and manage safety in a construction operation.


• Understand the roles and responsibilities when managing health and safety

• Understand the basics of the Irish legal system and relevant legislation

• Know the employers and employees duties and the hierarchy of control

• Know the different stakeholders and their role in managing safety

• Understand the concept of hazard and risk using quantitive risk assessment

• Be familiar with the common risks associated with construction operations

• Understand accidents and incidents, accident causation, prevention, investigation and root cause

• Be familiar with GDPR and data protection as it applies to managing safety in construction

• Understand the basics of life cycle analysis, environmental management and pollution control

• Be familiar with the PDCA Cycle, management tools, KPI’s and identifying a good safety culture

Number of Candidates

Maximum of 20

Entry Requirements

There is no restriction on entry to this programme, but it is assumed that the candidate is experienced in the construction industry and is capable of working at supervisor level.


The Programme is delivered over 2 days including Assessment, with an anticipated start time at 09:00

and a conclusion at 16:30.

Includes Lantra Certification


This programme will be by way of an Instructor led presentation, either face to face or via Zoom.

Assessment Programme

The Assessment is a Theory Test which is by way of a short answer paper consisting of 20 questions with a time frame of 20 minutes allocated for completion.


This programme is approved by Lantra and an Lantra Certificate for Managing Safety Essentials in Construction will be awarded to all participants on the programme who successfully complete the theoretical assessment.

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