This is a family yoga session aimed at preschool aged children 2 - 5 years and their grown ups (grand parents, parents, carers or another important grown up in their lives). Come on an adventure exploring a new theme each week including popular stories, holidays and seasons to name a few. Through storytelling, using our imagination, music, songs and nursery rhymes, yoga poses and breath work we create a special space to have fun playing, learning and bonding with your special little possum. These sessions are designed to offer an opportunity for children to socialise, stimulate the senses, develop gross motor skills, encourage curiosity, develop communication and language skills and early self-regulation skills in a safe and comfortable environment. We finish each session off with a wonderful relaxation time together.Led by an Qualified Early Years & Primary Teacher and Children's Yoga Teacher with over 15 years experience working with young children and mum of 2 young children. 

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