Our theme for the evening will be “Relaxing Into Summer”. We’ll be bringing in themes of lightness, water and a lifting of energy. Sometimes in summer we rush around, trying to pack everything in – making as much use as we can of the longer days, and more daylight.

We want to remind you that it’s still OK to rest! And more than being OK, our bodies and minds need it – crave it, yearn for it.

Our evening will start with a Yoga Nidra with Susie – a deep relaxation practice, that will transport us to the seaside. The sound of the water relaxing us, soothing us, helping us to unwind. After the Yoga Nidra comes the Sound Bath. Morag plans to share some lovely, light gentle sounds to soothe us further.

After the sound bath, there’s an invitation to stay for a hot drink and some cake – a chance to further unwind and relax.

Our session will be held on Friday 8th July 7-9pm at Reddingmuirhead Community Hall (FK2 0DT). It’s £25 to attend (£22.50 for Pause & Breathe online subscribers). If that feels too much just now, get in contact – we have some donation spaces available - if you select these, we'll be in contact to let you know how to make payment.

Your facilitators for the evening will be Susie Hooper from Pause & Breathe CIC and Morag Wylie from Sound Balance Scotland. 

Any questions, get in contact: susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk 



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