Yarnfulness - it's mindfulness, but with yarn. Weave a meditation cushion whilst practising mindfulness - complete novices are welcome. Yarnfulness - a brand new event, which combines the art of weaving with a mindfulness practice . Two therapeutic practices, combined together over the course of an afternoon.

Over the four hours you will be introduced to zen weaving on beautiful hand-weaving looms. Full instruction will be given for the weaving, and for the mindfulness, so you can be a complete beginner at one or both, although those with experience are also welcome.

The looms will be set up for you in advance, you'll be able to choose from a range of yarns - wool, organic cotton or Tencel (the vegan alternative to silk) - and will be able to see which colours you feel inspired to work with. Weaving is a mindfulness practice in itself, and we will also have the chance to stop and tune in with our breath, and bring all of our senses into play whilst we're weaving. The mindfulness practices will engage with the gentle rhythm of hand-weaving, adding to the feeling of relaxation and being at one with the loom.

By the end of the session you will have produced a piece of beautiful cloth to sew up and use as a meditation cushion.

There are only 6 spaces for this workshop, so our advice is to book quickly! We have a subsidised space - no questions asked, just offer what you can - please only take this if you would not otherwise be able to come.

Refreshments are included, please let us know of any dietary requirements.

This workshop is being offered by Mairi Breslin of Coorie Creative and Susie Hooper of Pause & Breathe.



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