Is there something you’d love to do but you aren’t doing?

Maybe you would like to make changes in your life, or start something new, but you never seem to get started – and when you do start, you don’t get very far.

Many people are living their lives on autopilot, without awakening and tapping into their full potential. For some people that’s enough, but many of us would love to experience more fulfilment and meaning.

The Wake up and ACT! workshops, will encourage you to awaken to your heart’s deepest desires (your values), as well as the thoughts, habits and beliefs which hold you back.

Did you know, it only takes a matter of seconds for us to talk ourselves out of a great idea!

You know the “I’d love to do that…… BUT I’m not confident/experienced/fit/good enough” story?

Following the Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) model, developed over 40 years by Professor Steven C. Hayes, we learn how to turn this procrastination story into:

“I’d love to do that AND I notice that I’m having the thought that I’m not confident/experienced/fit/good enough but I’m WILLING to bring this and other thoughts along with me and still pursue what matters most to me!”.

Perhaps you’ve also tried to introduce new habits but they weren’t very successful?

Come and discover the reasons why that may be, and learn how to introduce new behaviours and habits, which will help you commit to the changes you are seeking.

Join us on this journey, to learn various approaches to discover what you really want from life, to commit to these actions, then begin moving forwards in your chosen direction by taking manageable steps.

These workshops are suitable for complete beginners to values and committed action, and also for those who are experienced in ACT, who maybe wish to revisit their values, habits or goals.

We have two great workshops, led by Elspeth Lewis of Pause to Be, followed by three monthly meet-ups to discuss progress made with moving towards our values:


Saturday 1st May 10am-12pm

Saturday 8th May 10am-12pm

Optional Monthly Meet-ups:

Saturday 5th June 10-11am

Saturday 3rd July 10-11am

Saturday 7th August 10-11am

It’s £70 to attend everything, £50 for just the workshops. If you’ve recently attended an ACT course with Elspeth this is reduced to £50/£40, there are also reductions for Pause & Breathe subscribers. If the cost makes attending impossible, please email to let us know what you can afford – no questions asked.

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Both workshops and all three meet-ups

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