We are delighted to offer a Tea Ceremony, in partnership with LiYing from When Still Waters Speak.

From tea lovers to non-tea drinkers, from those who are familiar with the dance of meditation to those restless ones who fear the silence of the mind, tea ceremony will allow you to drop from your head into your heart, often times in the most unexpected ways. In this practice, we sit as love flows from our hearts into the bowls of tea, and it becomes simply something sacred to behold. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Gratitude flows. Creativity unlocks.

We honour the ancient traditions, tea trees and earth, fire, water, mountains and rain, moon, stars and sun – nature's alchemy that is within us and yet, sadly forgotten in today's busy lives. In this soft gentle heart space, As the saying goes, the brewer defines the taste of the Tea that is served and the energy of a Tea Ceremony. As a devoted student of the Leaf, LiYing holds space for you to reconnect with your Highest Self and enhances the healing energies that flow through Tea with crystals and minerals’ crystalline powers.

LiYing also offers energy healing, breathwork and sonic sound during ceremony. It is a full body experience - not just about drinking tea.

As the Sage Laozi once said, "The Dao is a returning", and so it is that with Tea we can turn inward wordlessly, to return to our hearts, our soul

Our Tea Ceremony is taking place on a public holiday in January - one of those days that between celebrations and returning to work. Come and sit with us on Monday 3rd January 2-4pm. The tea is provided, and there will be a gift set for every attendee to take home with them.

As always, if the price means you cannot attend, we do have a subsidised space available - email: susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk and just offer what you can afford, so questions asked. 



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