Did you know there are 7 types of rest? Not many people did until they attended Restival. Susie shared this in her welcome session, and we incorporated many of the different ways of resting into Restival.

But maybe you missed Restival? Well, we have some incredible news... Restival Replay is now available.

Rest should not only be done on a Sunday or when you are ill. Rest should be a part of your life. Restival Replay will show you how you can change your relationship with rest and, most importantly, how to implement it into your life.

At Restival, we had an incredible line-up of speakers, including Scott Moore, Author and Founder of Waking Up with The Yoga of Sleep Yoga Nidra training, Karen Brody, Founder of Daring To Rest, Shelagh Lenon, Founder of 1912 Aromatherapy and our very own Susie and Phil.

You will receive the link for the recording via email and will get access to all the sessions, apart from the listening space. There are additional resources, and access to this course will be ongoing in the long-term. You might choose to take a day out and create your own mini-retreat, or listen to the sessions individually. You'll also be joining an online community, dedicated to rest. 

If you have any questions, contact Susie at susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk.

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