These 6 weeks will be a great introduction to Qi Gong for anyone who is new to this practice, and also will suit those with some experience.

Over the 6 weeks, Phil will be covering the Five Taoist Yin. These exercises promote and enhance the flow of qi energy thought the meridians.

Within the course, we will be working and exploring the connection of the 5 elements and the meridians and their effects. This set of movements is an excellent way to be introduced to Qi Gong.

Working with the 5 yin, it will help with breath work, balance, improve mobility, and much more  

Qi Gong has a powerful effect on the whole of the body and mind. Every exercise has an effect on the whole energetic system, allowing energy (qi) to flow freely. It is possible to practice Qi Gong with mobility difficulties – each posture can be adapted, and it is feasible to practice whilst sitting on a chair.

Join Phil as he shares some Qi Gong moves, for physical and emotional health. Phil might end with a meditation too.

Everyone is welcome - whether or not you've practised Qi Gong before. These 6 sessions will be a great introduction, or a refresher for those with experience.

Joining for the full block gives a discounted rate (£8 per session), or it's possible to book for individual sessions for £10.

We do have donation spaces available. If you choose this option, I'll be in contact to let you know how to pay.



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