A two-hour Mindfulness Workshop focusing on how we can nourish our happiness.

We run a Mindfulness workshops every month in the Yoga Tree. This month we're focusing on how to we can take more from those moments in our life that are truly happy. Our brains have a negativity bias - we tend to remember our bad memories more readily than our good ones. This can mean that we can feel that life is more challenging than it really is. However, we can learn to linger over our good experiences - to help them resonate as much as our difficult ones - to help reduce this negativity bias.

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This session will be held on Saturday 25th June 11.30am-1.30pm. The cost is £20, but there are some spaces to attend on a donation basis. Please only take these spaces if you would be otherwise unable to attend.

Any questions, get in touch: susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk 



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