Do you find life a bit of a challenge? Maybe your mind is super-busy all the time. Perhaps you find yourself reacting to circumstances in ways you wish you hadn't. We can spend so much of our lives feeling overwhelmed, or exhausted.

Perhaps it doesn't need to be like this.

Mindfulness isn't all about sitting on a cushion meditating for 15 minutes a day. It's a tool that we can use to navigate life more easily. It helps us to regulate emotionally, to find balance.

In this 6-week mindfulness course, we find out how to bring mindfulness into our lives to bring more ease into our days, by learning how to be less involved with our over-thinking minds, and less reactive to our emotions.

Week 1 - Introduction to Mindfulness (6th April)

Week 2 - Focusing on the Body (13th April)

Week 3 - Mindfulness in Daily Life (27th April)

Week 4 - Calming the Mind (4th May)

Week 5 - Working with Emotions (11th May)

Week 6 - Compassion to Self and Others (18th May)

The sessions will be recorded, and so it is possible to watch them back if you miss one, or would like to revisit it. However, you will get the most benefit from attending the sessions live.

The aim of the course is to give a good overall insight into mindfulness, and how it can help in daily life. Participants will be given a handout for each session, and audio tracks that they can listen to in their own time. It is suggested that participants begin a daily - or regular - mindfulness practice, to embed the teaching further.

We do have a small number of spaces available on a pay by donation basis. If you cannot afford the full price, select the free option and I'll be in contact to let you know how to make a donation to attend.

This course is run by Susie Hooper of Pause & Breathe. Susie is a certified Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness practitioner, who is on the register for the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches. She was a Criminal Justice Social Worker for 20 years, and has been facilitating Mindfulness sessions for over 6 years. She is a certified Daring to Rest facilitator, and is passionate about bringing more rest into everyone's life.

Please note that there is no session on 20th April.



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