Ever feel stressed, overwhelmed or close to burn-out? Maybe you feel pulled in many different directions by the various demands of day-to-day life. Starting and maintaining a mindfulness practice may help you respond differently to life's stresses and allow you to enjoy the good times more fully.

Susie is delighted to share this course with you, to help you develop a regular Mindfulness practice and to integrate this into your life.

Our 8-week Course - "Mindfulness for Life" is an in-depth introduction to mindfulness, the aim is to help you develop a personal experience of mindfulness. Mindfulness for life is just that - the idea is to integrate mindfulness into your daily life - it is more than sitting on a cushion for 20 minutes a day. How can we be more mindful in our interactions, with eating, with how we move through life? For this to embed, there is the expectation of home practice.

The course is appropriate for participants completely new to mindfulness as well as those with some experience. The course begins by introducing the basic practices of breath and body awareness before developing into awareness of feelings and thoughts, meditations to nourish happiness and kindness, as well as practices to cultivate mindful communication.

The course consists of eight sessions in total, starting on Thursday 20th January 7-9pm, and running for eight consecutive weeks. The aim is very much to attend every session, if possible, and to commit to home practice too. The sessions will run via zoom, and will have a short comfort break in them.

Full programme materials will be supplied as well as access to audio recordings to help you build a daily practice. By committing to this course the aim is not only to attend each session, but also to practice mindfulness in daily life.

The cost of the 8 weeks is £150. There are discounts for our online subscribers. Please don't let cost put you off - I have subsidised places available, just contact me to discuss - susie@pauseandbreathe.co.uk.

Testimonials from previous 8-week course:

  • "This course has helped me feel less limited by anxiety, and better able to relate to and care for others"
  • "This gave me a chance to reacquaint me with myself and to start liking myself again"
  • "My mindfulness sessions have become a comforting sanctuary. I have enjoyed having quiet "me" time"
  • "it's been good to have some time to focus on myself"
  • "This has been one of the best things that I have done and I hope to continue with it always"

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