How To Start Loving Yourself: How did you feel when you read that sentence? Maybe it felt a bit icky. Maybe you thought "it's just not possible".

In this month of love - a social construction - can we start to learn to love ourselves? Instead of waiting to hear "I love you" from someone else (or on a shop-bought card), can we start to learn to give ourselves what we need? To tell ourselves the words we long to hear?

In this workshop we learn to do just that. We'll have a beautiful practice to tune into what it is that we truly need, and we'll work out how we can offer this to ourselves.

This workshop will include some journaling, and a meditation. So bring paper and pen, and be somewhere that you can meditate in comfort.

Susie will be your facilitator for this workshop.

It's £10 to attend, or it's possible to make a donation if this is unaffordable. This workshop is included in the cost of our monthly online membership.





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