The Full Moon is a time for reflection and setting intentions for the month to come. Full moon is a time of completion and culmination when the Earth is bathed in moonlight and our seeds are anchored and seen, celebrating small (or big) successes. The moon has always been present in world mythology and her waxing and waning forms patterns in our lives: new crescent to full to old crescent, as we go from maiden to mother to crone. Her cycles have been called “Earth’s breath reflected in the sky”.

Within these sessions we'll have the chance to share our reflections, and set intentions. Each Full Moon has a different name, we'll discuss the symbolism behind this, and how we can take the energy of this specific full moon into our lives. Within each session there will be a themed Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation meditation), which enables us to turn more fully toward the symbolism of the moon.

In May, the moon is a "Flower Moon", we are seen to be more sensitive at this time - and can be more emotional and reactive. The Flower Moon in Sagittarius can symbolise growth, discovery and the pursuit of truth.

We will also turn towards the New Moon to come: a New moon happens at the beginning of the lunar cycle when the sun does not reflect solar light onto the earth. This is a time to turn inwards, to rest and dream. This circle group will look at the next new moon intentions for 6th June in the sign of Gemini and with Oak tree energies.

Susie will hold these sessions.

The full moon circles will be held in The Place to Pause & Breathe, Bonnybridge. This circle is taking place on Friday 24th May from 7-9pm. The cost is £20 to attend. It's possible to attend three circles for £50 (let me know which ones you'd like to attend), or to book for the remainder of the year for £140. I can offer a reduced rate, get in contact if you'd like to take this up.

Here are the dates of the circles for the rest of 2024. They are all Fridays, and will take place from 7-9pm: 21/6; 19/7; 16/8; 13/9; 18/10; 15/11; 13/12

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Susie worked as a Social Worker within Criminal Justice for 20 years, and is passionate about helping people to make difficult changes. Since the beginning of 2017, Susie has been delivering mindfulness within her local community in Falkirk. She co-founded Pause & Breathe CIC with her husband, Phil Blackburn and is delighted to have opened The Place to Pause & Breathe in Bonnybridge and The Place for Martial Arts & Wellbeing in Bo'ness - bringing people together in community.

Susie is a Mindfulness Coach and a certified Daring to Rest Facilitator. Her approach is trauma-sensitive, and she is an advocate of giving participants choice in everything she offers.

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