The film we will be showing "Intelligent Trees."

Ground-breaking scientific findings uncover the secret life of trees.

Can TREES TALK to each other? Do MOTHER TREES care lovingly for their children and their old and dying neighbours? Is there something like friendship amongst trees? Do trees in a forest work together as a COMMUNITY and fight off enemies?

German forester and bestselling book author PETER WOHLLEBEN has observed that the secret life of trees is quite similar to our own.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia around SUZANNE SIMARD have been investigating communication between trees and made the most astonishing discoveries...

Under the forest floor lies the WOOD WIDE WEB, a fascinating network over which trees communicate, share information, and even wisdom with each other.

This documentary digs deep into this underground society and bridges the gap between a forester's observations and scientific research. What consequences does this knowledge have for our own lives and our relationship to the forest?. 

You can watch the trailer for the film here:

Hot drinks will be provided, and we'll have time for a chat after the film too.



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