Guest facilitator Lindsey Porter is offering Face Yoga & Meditation.

Experience a session of practical movements to help release tension from your face and facial areas along with techniques to support the health and appearance of your skin. We'll have some fun along the way too!

This session is online and things you will or may need are: a pc screen, in a comfortable seat, you may like tie your hair out of your face, have a mirror nearby so you can also see your own face, a spoon (tea or desert or bring both!), a favourite moisturizer which may help with gliding your hands over your face. Sanitise your hands before we start. Wear clothing you are comfortable in. You may also like to have a glass of water for comfort and tissues.

A guided meditation will complete the session.

Lindsey is a Yoga Teacher and Tutor. She has been delving in to Face movement and Yoga practices over the past few years and thoroughly enjoys sharing these practices with others. You'll be surprised how many simple and effective tips you can pick up!

It's £8 to attend, or it's possible to make a donation if this is unaffordable.





You'll be contacted to let you know how your can make a donation.

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