Fortnightly sessions to focus on your wellbeing - for free!

We have secured funding from Arnold Clark to bring wellbeing directly to those who need it most. The aim of the sessions is to improve health and wellbeing. The sessions are open to everyone, and everything that we offer can be adapted to suit differing abilities.

There are 6 sessions in the block. You can choose to attend all of them, or come to them individually. The sessions are all held from 10-11.30am in Bonnybridge Community Centre. The session itself will last for around an hour, and will be followed by a hot drink and cake.

The 6 sessions look like this:

Session 1 - 24/6 - Self-compassion with Susie & Lindsey: focusing on creating space for ourselves through movement, and learning some mindfulness practices to use in the midst of difficult moments

Session 2 - 8/7 - Susie - Understanding and Managing Overwhelm - understanding our physical and emotional responses when we feel overwhelmed, to help us respond to this differently in future

Session 3 - 22/7 - Morag - Sound Bath: A sound bath is an easy, effortless way to experience deep relaxation. It simply involves sitting or lying down and receiving the sound and vibrations from various beautiful instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, windchimes, wind gong, native American flute and shamanic drum. The sounds will be gentle and relaxing and are designed to slow down your mind and your thoughts.

Session 4 - 5/8 - Lindsey - Summer Seasonal Flow - a session that explores the ebb and flow of summer with our breath, body and mind.

Session 5 - 19/8 - Susie - Connecting with Nature - an session that helps us to explore our connection with the natural world, including a meditation that focuses on the natural elements. For those who would like to join, after the session we will have a Mindful Walk round the nature reserve

Session 6 - 2/9 - Lindsey - Exploring Balance and Vibration - getting more in tune with our movement, including use of props in seated activity to challenge our awareness and balance. Sensations of creating and receiving sound as we move - self created through voice and breath and with props such as singing bowls and gong. 

The sessions are completely free. However, we have a limit on the numbers that can attend due to hall space, so please do come if you book in (or contact us to cancel). If you'd like to come with someone that's fab - but could you make sure that they book in too.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch: 


Susie - from Pause & Breathe - teaches mindfulness, self-compassion and rest

Lindsey - from Yoga-Nu-U - is a popular local yoga instructor and Yoga Tutor for the Yoga Scotland organisation. 

Morag - from Sound Balance Scotland - is a Sound Healing Practitioner based in Falkirk and runs regular sound baths, drum circles, workshops and training courses.

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