Join me for this series of gentle movement, conscious breathing, some time to focus on yourself and this new life growing in your belly, finding a community of women going through similar times, stretching, moving, relaxing together.

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way to stay active and mobile during your pregnancy, to build connection with your baby and also to prepare for delivery, equipped by tools and techniques so that you can feel empowered, confident and relaxed throughout this beautiful journey.

Sessions include:

  • specific yoga poses that are safe and supportive of pregnancy
  • breathing techniques to ease any discomfort and also that will be soothing during labour
  • active birthing positions that help maximise your energy during labour
  • deep relaxation techniques to promote self-care and a connection with your baby
  • welcoming, lighthearted atmosphere, joining a friendly community of expecting ladies

Sessions are booked in blocks of 6, each session being an hour and fifteen minutes.


Block sessions can be cancelled with a full refund up to 24 hours before the start of the first session (7.00pm - 08/09/2022).

Remaining missed sessions are non-refundable, however if you miss a session, you can join the online session on the following Tuesday free of charge as a one-off make-up session.

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