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Great Rehabilitation / Injury Prevention Class Combo. Great value (€8 per class, 8 classes in total) and 2 classes that compliment each other extremely well :-)

Mobility Training:

This class is for you if you're feeling stiff and have painful joints from being in one position for long periods throughout the day e.g. sitting at a desk or standing in work all day.

Mobility Training is brilliant for helping to get your joints moving within their pain free ranges of motion and trying to help you expand on this range of motion.

While we will work on full body mobility, there will be particular focus put on neck, shoulders, back and hips

Class is suitable for both men and women.

Equipment needed:

Gym Mat

A small ball (sliotar, baseball, hockey ball) to foam roll glutes

2 x blocks for under heels for some deep squat mobility work (2 cushions/pillows doubled over will do also)


This class is brilliant as a prehab type class to target areas of weakness in core strength, single leg stability, glute strength, shoulder stability.

It is also brilliant as a rehab type class if you're coming back from an injury or struggling with an ongoing injury.

It is also an excellent class for reducing your risk of injury going forward.

Class is suitable for both men and women.

Equipment needed:

Gym Mat

Light dumbbells/kettlebells (but can improvise with milk cartons also)

A looped AND a straight resistance bands for glute and shoulder stability work

A block/pillow/cushion can be beneficial for under your head during floor work for added neck support and comfort but isn't essential

*A recording of the live workout will be emailed to all class participants on the night of the class. This recording will be active until 12pm four days after the class was live (e.g. if the class was live on Monday at 6pm, it would be available until 12 midnight on Friday)

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