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Great value and 2 classes that compliment each other extremely well :-)

Legs, Bums and Tums:

This class does exactly what it says on the tin. It will focus on and target the muscles in your legs, bums & tums, by working on isolated leg, glute and core strength. It's not a high intensity class as regards heart rate but you will 100% feel the BURN.


This class is a combination of both strength based exercises and high intensity cardio type exercises. Full body workout guaranteed.  

Class is suitable for both men and women.

Equipment needed:

  • Gym Mat
  • Light dumbbells/kettlebells (but can improvise with milk cartons also)

*A recording of the live workout will be emailed to all class participants on the night of the class. This recording will be active until 12pm four days after the class was live (e.g. if the class was live on Monday at 6pm, it would be available until 12noon on Friday)

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