Bealtaine Fire

Yin Yoga Workshop

The fire energy of Bealtaine, the beginning of Summer, sparks us to come alive, to be open and to feel abundance. This flame allows us to become conscious of ourselves and others, to express love and gratitude and to become awake in our lives.

A two hour yin yoga practice connecting to the element of fire through meditation, breathwork and yin yoga poses.

Yin Yoga poses to target the meridians associated with the fire element in Traditional Chinese Medicine, restoring balance to the chi flow in the body. Harnessing the fire energy of summer, love, joy, expansivenss and abundance.

Join Noeleen Shannon, 100 hour trained with the International School of Functional Yoga, for this special 2 hour yin yoga workshop at Align Yoga Studio, Cavan.

Everyone welcome to this practice. No previous yin yoga experience necessary.

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