You are the Goddess | Full Moon Women's Circle

Dearest beloved women,

From a rested, open and warm heart, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join our April Full Moon Women's Circle. You are the Goddess - is an invitation to centre into and explore the tenderness of our heart, the divinity of our womb and drop into rested presence with ourselves as we sit in circle with women. The name for this circle is inspired by the namesake book by Sophie Bashford. Our circle yearns to restore and deepen the heart and womb connection.

We can meet a reverent rawness, an exquisite tenderness, an unwavering wildness rise within our hearts, body and beings. We create this space to allow more authentic adoration come to fruition for the aliveness of our femininity. As our circle is placed beautifully around the eve of the full moon - we can take pause to contemplate what within us may be ready to leave & what is ready to be birthed.

Within this haven, we will sip on ceremonial cacao & hold rituals to honour and revere the Goddess within us all. How deserving she is of rest, of expression, of acknowledgement, of love.

This ceremonial circle will hold the gracious & raw intention to bring deeper union and healing in the connection between our hearts and our womb.

Unfortunately, refunds are not available. My humble apologies.

You are so welcome,

All questions are so worthy & so welcome,

In sincere gratitude,

Le grá,

Niamh x

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