Unfurling the Feminine | A Ceremonial Day Retreat

Dearest beloved women,

It is with a gentle, soft, rested heart, I offer you a warm welcome to our Ceremonial Day Retreat for Bealtaine.

Bealtaine is a festival within the Celtic Calendar that celebrates the beginning of the Summer Season. As we cross through the threshold of Bealtaine, we marvel at the bounty of Mother Earth as the splendour of Summer unfurls and comes alive.

Our Ceremonial Day Retreat is a heartfelt invitation to cherish and marvel in our sacred splendour within. Our heart wish for our day together is to honour, feel and treasure the temple of our deserving body, and nurture our divine feminine essence.

We will curate a sacred space to uncoil, unravel, unpack the layers of shame, of stigma, of conditioning that denies us access the honesty of our feminine essence, body and heart. Our co-created ceremonial haven will be devoted to honouring, loving and welcoming the inner depths of our femininity. As we meet our divine feminine unfurling, we may meet a reverent rawness, an exquisite tenderness, an unwavering wildness rise within. We create this space to allow more authentic adoration come to fruition for the aliveness of our femininity.

As Mother Nature unfurls and blossoms in her bounty, so will We. It is a true and beautiful honour to sit and bask in ceremony with like hearted women. It is a sincere pleasure to drop into a space where we can land & earnestly celebrate the nectar of our femininity in every form. There may be radiance, there may be layers of shame, there may be oceans of sadness, rivers of pure, unabiding love. There is an honest invitation to drop into a deeper union and trust with ourselves, our intuition and the circle of women around us. There is a sincere welcome to every part of us that we bring to circle.

Your invitation for our ceremonial day - is how can I cultivate true love, earnest care for my being? How can I tend so lovingly to my body, heart & mind? How can I most deeply offer kindness & respect to my being? How can I be softer in my body? How can I allow myself to be exactly as I am in this moment? How can I offer myself acceptance?

Our Ceremonial Day Structure

Opening Rose Tea Ceremony & Introductions

Heart & Hip Honouring Yoga Practice

Organic & Comforting Lunch

Cacao Ceremony

Feminine Essence Dance

Closing Ceremony by the Waters

We will enjoy a nourishing vegan & gluten free lunch prepared lovingly by Claudia of Bia as an Croí. Her food is crafted with soul & deep care.

What to Bring


Yoga Mat




Suggested Items

Sheepskin rug/ rug/ 2nd yoga mat (we have a cooling stone floor beneath us)



Sprays/ essential oils

Anything you may need to be comfortable and nestled into the space.

Eye pillow.

Unfortunately this is a non-refundable event. My humble apologies that refunds are not possible.

What other women have shared of their experience of our last Ceremonial Day Retreat

I joined the day retreat in February. It was the most beautiful experience. For me the stillness, the slowdown, the softness, was such an incredible relief. I loved every minute of the day. It was my first cacao ceremony and my first time creating a womb mandala. I felt no pressure to do anything or say anything. Since then I have felt a new peace in my body and a trust that all is well. Niamh is a special soul so bursting with love you can’t help but feel held. A magic day - thank you x 

All questions are so welcome, worthy & important,

You can send me an email or message on 0877535411 If you have any hesitations or questions.

I wholeheartedly look forward to welcoming you to our precious sanctuary,

In sincere, humble & heartfelt gratitude,

Le meas mor & gra le na mná,

Niamh x 

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