Unfurl in Love | Summer Solstice Retreat by the Lakeshore

Dearest woman,

You are warmly invited with an open heart, to join our Ceremonial Half Day Retreat Unfurl in Love.

Unfurl in Love is a gracious, gentle and anchored Ceremonial Half Day Immersion that beckons to return to the home of your beloved body & humble heart. It is an invitation to soften, surrender and open to Love.

Love holds the highest frequency and intelligence on the planet. When we can attune and root deeper into Love - alchemy, miracles, and magic in our external world happens. Allowing a deeper surrender to Love is an ever evolving, process of returning to the most exquisite force on the planet.

Unfurl in Love invites to rest deeply into love - to allow our most authentic, gentle, kind and loving nature to be felt and met. As we immerse ourselves in spaces, infused with pure love, love begins to blossom within and around us. If this feels far removed from where you are at - please know you are deeply welcome as you are. Bringing love to our deepest insecurities, vulnerabilities, tender and messy parts can be a deeply restorative and healing practice.

As Mother Natures bounty unfurls for the longest day of the year, we will cherish & treasure the splendour of love within us all. Love and our tender hearts are a part of what unites our common humanity. Our ceremonial day will be a day of devotional nurture to our body, heart, mind & soul.

You are so deeply welcome to come to a space devoted to invoking practices that sincerely nurture and nourish you from within.

Our Ceremonial Day will comprise of

Opening Sacred Ceremony the Well

Earth Pulsing Meditation & Intentions

Optional Divine Water Immersion

Nourishing Organic Light Lunch

Cacao Ceremonial Circle

Self Love & Nurturance Ritual

Closing & Releasing the Petals by the Waters


Spaces are non-refundable but can be transferred to a family member or friend. In exceptional circumstances, a transfer to another event may be possible.

Time, Date & Location

Our Sacred Ceremony will open at 12 noon on Sunday 25th June and close at 4pm.

Our Ceremonial Afternoon will take place at the stunning lakeside haven at Portrunny Harbour.

All questions are so dearly welcome. Your trust & presence are so deeply valued and appreciated.

Please note that we hold a common agreement that our intention for being in circle is rooted in kindness, love and respect for ourselves & each other. Everything within our circle is an invitation not an obligation- you are always welcome to honour at every moment what feels right for you with your own unique nervous system.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out.

I am so looking forward to welcoming you with a genuine, warm embrace in circle.

In sincere gratitude,

Le grá,

Niamh x

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