A Calling Home | A Day Retreat by the Lakeshore


Beloved women,

With an open, gentle & rested heart, I welcome you to our very first Day Retreat within the Heartlands of Ireland.

This is a gathering deeply close to my heart, so it is with such delight we birth this Ceremonial Day.

Our heart intention for the day is to tend to our deserving bodies with deep care, gentle love & softness for our day long ceremonial immersion. Invoking inspiration from Valentines Day, we can gather together as women to treasure our precious heart, nourish our soul & lovingly attune to our bodies.

This ceremonial day is an earnest invitation to connect lovingly your deserving body and the authentic truth of your heart - whatever this means for you, as you weave your path.

Our ceremonial day will comprise the practices of

| Rose Tea Opening Ceremony

| Nidra & Opening Grounding Practice

| Deeply Restorative Gentle Movement

| Comforting & Nourishing Organic Lunch

| Ceremonial Cacao Circle

| Womb Mandala Practice

| Closing Ceremony by the Waters

Our comforting, hearty lunch will be served & prepared with the beautiful care of Claudia from Bia as an Croí Supper Club.


The investment for this day retreat will be 100€. Lunch included.

Our Ceremonial Day will take place in the Sanctuary named

The Thatch, Carnakilla Lakeshore View ,Portlick Forest, Co Westmeath

Held in love on Sunday February 19th , 11am - 5pm.

Please reserve your space with care, cancellations made within 1 week of the ceremonial day are non-refundable.

If you cannot make the event, you can also gift the space or transfer the booking to a friend/ family member.

I am so excited to share this heart felt ceremonial day with you all,

In devotion to the radiance & honouring of our authentic heart,

In gracious awe of each woman who lands within this space,

It takes exquisite courage to embrace your humility & vulnerability in circle,

Cherishing your truth today & always,

With a humble heart,

In sincere gratitude,

Le Grá,