In this session we will focus on innovative sleep solutions for neurodiverse children, a topic close to Deirdre's heart and highly relevant for many families.

During our discussion, Deirdre will delve into several effective, evidence-based strategies that parents and caregivers can utilize to improve their children's sleep quality. These include neurosensory touch techniques, neurosensory calming hacks, and easy-to-implement sensory compression methods tailored for sleep mode. We will also discuss how meditation can be introduced as a fun tool for calming the mind, along with playful yoga moves that are remarkably effective in preparing children for sleep. Deirdre's 'Ultimate Sleep Toolkit,' which incorporates aromatherapy oils, carefully curated audio, and sensory calming tools to optimize sleep time will feature as well!

*Nightly Sleep Rituals Known to Work for Neurosensitives

*Sensory Activities for Daytime - setting up for good sleep begins before bedtime!

*Things to Avoid in Your Routine and Sleep Habits

*How to create an environment for great sleep 

Deirdre is the founder of Deep Sleep Clinic and a seasoned sleep and anxiety expert with over 25 years of specialized experience, particularly focused on neurodiverse clients since 2007. With training in Sensory Processing Disorder, she integrates yoga, craniosacral therapy, and neuroaffective touch to offer tailored solutions. Her multifaceted approach aims to relieve symptoms while empowering children and their families with skills for better sleep and reduced anxiety. The clinic's holistic model provides an effective pathway for emotional and sensory regulation.

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