Join us for a morning of relaxing yoga and sound healing.

This session is all about slowing down and connecting to our calming energies through the healing power of yoga, meditation and sound.

We will start the morning by working through a selection of breathing and meditation exercises to help prepare the mind and body for calmness. Then, we will move through a a yin yoga sequence which aims to deepen your connection with your body and find a sense of mental and physical stillness.

The workshop will end with a blissful sound bath, led by Emily Dimer. A selection of crystal bowls will be played at a specific frequency to help attune the brainwaves and lead to an ever deeper state of relaxation.


9.30-10.30am: Gentle movement followed by meditation and breathwork

10.30-11.30am: Yin Yoga

11.30-midday: Tea and snacks

12pm-1pm: Sound bath

Herbal teas and vegan treats also included.

Please bring a blanket and a pillow for your comfort.

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