Welcome to Mindful Dancing Qigong in the Mind the Step studio in Dublin.  On the 22nd of September Mind the Step is organising the Culture Night and I will be giving a free class of Mindful Dancing Qigong at 5pm in Mind the Step on this day.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese breathing energy practice consisting of slow gentle movements and meditation. There are different types of Qigong, and I am teaching health Qi Gong that is meant for healing, maintaining inner balance and inner peace, strengthening immune system. I have developed a qigong style that involves the elements of dancing that adds charm, grace and vibrance to qigong flowing movements and allows you to feel deeply connected to yourself during the dance.

Music has a healing soothening effect on the body and mind, and moving your body in synchrony with music, and breathing into each of your movement allows you to connect with your deeper self and feel the parts of yourself which may need more love, care and attention.

Mindful Dancing Qigong is a beautiful combination of qigong movements, breathing practice and graceful dancing movements which open space of creativity and freedom within yourself, allowing yourself to be present in your own body right here, right now, sensing it, feeling it, accepting and loving it the way it is. 

By going through this journey of mindful dancing qigong, you will be deepening your experience of knowing yourself on a deeper level. Deeper knowing allows you to be courageous and brave to let go off fears and step into the new path, because you have gained a sense of inner love, peace and freedom which become a base where you are standing. It becomes the base which holds you in the moments of uncertainty and challenges. Through qigong in dancing you are unleashing these qualities within yourself, learning to love yourself and embrace yourself fully. Learning to love your body, feel and sense your body and learn from it as your best friend, your best teacher. It will bring to you a sense of wholeness, unity and harmony with yourself 

You are very welcome to join us and I am looking forward to seeing you!

Warm wishes,

Ekaterina Voznesenskaia

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