Come and join my dear friend and wonderful Yoga Teacher Katya Andrews from Yoga Tree Studio in Kent, for a day of exploring joy through various styles of movement, stillness, presence, connection to the vital breath and the nourishment we receive from being in the company of other like minded people.

The Joy of Summer Day Retreat on Saturday 15th July 10am - 4pm.

The heat and the fiery energy of summer is related to the organ of heart and the associated emotion of joy. We feel more expansive during the longer, warmer summer days, replenishing our ability to share our unique gifts with others, manifesting as confidence that sustains our inner light throughout the year. 

The morning will start with floor based somatic movement, through which we tap into  feelings of expansiveness and joy in the body, breath and mind. The rhythmic flowing movements will prepare us for dynamic heart opening yoga postures that will follow and lead us beautifully to the practice of pranayama (breath work), utilising the extra space in the chest cavity created by our practice. You will get to absorb the nectar of your practice in Savasana before we break for lunch. 

We will feast down by the private lakeside of Windermere a yummy vegetarian lunch provided by myself, followed by tea and homemade cake.

The afternoon will be very mellow. With just a handful of cooling and nourishing yin postures and gentle pranayama you will get to rest, digest and recharge. We will make use of all the available props to support the body. 

The day will end with Yoga Nidra guiding us to the cave of the heart and the light within. 

Come and join us for this wonderful workshop! The cost is £75

How many places do you wish to book?