On Saturday 1st July 9:30am - 12:30pm join Charlotte Mason and myself for a wonderful heart connecting workshop to balance Yin & Yang.

Starting with a Qi Gong warm up to revitalise, improve balance and mobilise the joints. Followed with Qi Gong form focusing on connecting to the fire element of the heart, whilst balancing it with the water energy of the kidneys. Setting us up for a heart focused Yoga sequence to energise and nourish the soul, before resting in a handful of deeply restorative delicious holds.

We will then take a tea & homemade cake break to enjoy together before ending with acupressure points for self healing and a Dao Yin (energy centre) meditation followed by deep rest in savasava (relaxation).

Charlotte is a wonderful experienced Tai-chi union accredited instructor and has 20 years qi gong and tai chi chuan training - I can not wait to teach alongside her sharing our passion for a heart led practice. Her website is www.kendalqigong.co.uk

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