Suitable for Mamas 6 weeks post-partum (vaginal delivery) and 8 weeks post-partum (c-section delivery). This 4 week holistic mat Pilates course will allow you to move in a safe and soothing way while being mindful of delicate post-pregnancy bodies. Babies under 8 months are welcome to join in the fun also.

A postpartum body has gone through a certain element of trauma, regardless of the type of delivery. This requires a period of healing, some longer in duration than others, depending on individual circumstances. During pregnancy the body's alignment changes, which affects muscle tone and overall function. This class focuses on core reactivation and release of the pelvic floor using one of the main Pilates principles of breathing. It will allow you to gain strength in your deep core muscles, improve posture and restore imbalances in your body, while having some fun too!

Prepare to feel a little more like you and have some laughs along the way. Benefits, to name a few include, relieving back pain, shoulder tightness and hip discomfort. Plus it is a lovely opportunity to connect and enjoy a social circle with like-minded mamas & babas.

Classes are small Groups, offering a more personal approach to clients and the opportunity to provide individual attention.

** By purchasing the class bundle you are committing to all 4 classes (1 class per week) and payment will be taken in full. Due to an increased demand and limited spaces, unfortunately I am unable to offer the option of making up a class if it's missed. Please see Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy for further details **

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