Participants will gain knowledge, awareness and ability to recognise a range of mental health conditions. How to start a supportive conversation. When and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help. Employees will know how to recognise and manage stress. Employees will not diagnose or treat mental health conditions as this can only be carried out by healthcare professionals but will gain the knowledge to identify when a person may have a condition and know where they can go to get help.

Who is this course for? Everyone at work and home.

Certification: 2 year validation.

Course Topics:

1. What mental health is

2. Why people develop mental health conditions

3. The role of a First Aider for mental health

4. How to provide advice and practical support for a person presenting a mental health condition.

5. How to recognise and manage stress

6. How to recognise a range of mental health conditions

Method of Delivery: Online; participants complete the course through their PC, laptop or phone. Must have Zoom on their device

Duration: 2.5 hours.